Play by play, the playbook for business

Mario Lucas
2 min readFeb 15, 2021

Okay, it’s the last minute in a big football game. You’re 2 points behind and the coach calls a timeout. Disclaimer, I’m in the UK so my knowledge of NFL rules is pretty limited so forgive me if I’m talking gibberish here.

You need a strategy to get the touchdown.

The coach goes to his pocket and pulls out a magical book full of different ideas and strategies. Everybody knows what to do. The team is on the same page. They know what to do to execute what is expected of them. It plays out perfectly.

Playbooks are incredibly important in sports so why not use them in the workplace?

A strategic document outlining exactly what to do play by play when in a particular situation.

· Customer raises a particular objection — check the playbook

· Found a new script that you think works — add it to the playbook

· Hiring a new team member — share the playbook and get them up to speed quicker.

It’s not just a once and done document. A good playbook needs to be updated regularly with new content. It should be a living and breathing bible for your company.

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