How do you bring one of these home?

So what is a jumbo deal?

Would you rather close 10 deals or 1 jumbo deal? A jumbo deal is a piece of new business that can change the trajectory of a company or take it to the next level. It’s the kind of deal that most businesses dream about. You cannot become a big company without closing jumbo deals. A jumbo deal is not necessarily the same thing for all businesses. What can change the fortune of a 10 person firm wouldn’t get a second look at a large 1000 person advisory. …

When you’re a kid and someone asked you what you want to be when you grow up — what did you say?

I used to tell people I wanted to be a chef, astronaut, and lawyer. All at the same time. How would I find the time?

One thing I didn’t consider until my mid 20’s however was a career in sales. It didn’t seem very glamorous. I thought it was all about being a smooth talker always trying to convince people to buy from me. …

Okay, it’s the last minute in a big football game. You’re 2 points behind and the coach calls a timeout. Disclaimer, I’m in the UK so my knowledge of NFL rules is pretty limited so forgive me if I’m talking gibberish here.

You need a strategy to get the touchdown.

The coach goes to his pocket and pulls out a magical book full of different ideas and strategies. Everybody knows what to do. The team is on the same page. They know what to do to execute what is expected of them. It plays out perfectly.

Playbooks are incredibly important…

  1. Supersize It!

Okay, okay… the real marketing term here is upsell it, but the word association takes me to McDonald's. You’ve been there… you pull up to the window, place your order and they always say… “Would you like to supersize that?”

What bugs me is that I instinctively say, “Yes!” After all, for a few pence more I’m getting nearly twice the amount of fries and beverage. …

Don’t get flustered when all the eyes are on you.

How you handle questions from an audience can often be the deciding factor as to how your presentation is received. If you’re pitching for business, then it’s absolutely vital to handle questions well.

1. Be prepared for questions — When you write your presentation, think about what you’re likely to be asked and what your answer is going to be. Maybe you won’t want to answer a particular question there and then, so think about what you’ll say to satisfy the questioner.

2. Make it clear at the start — You may decide to take questions as you go or…

The challenge is retaining engagement.

Most of the presentations made nowadays are made with the help of PowerPoint. There are also class teachers and lecturers who use PowerPoint to make the teaching and learning process more interesting. However, it is the professional who makes presentations without the use of PowerPoint, while following some of their age-old beliefs for presentations.

Presentations without PowerPoint prove to be quite boring. This is because the presentation will be monotonous, with no music background or visual aids to help in the presentation. PowerPoint presentations usually provide a change for the audience in the presentation, and also give the crowd some…

There was a time when five-year plans were all the rage. But that was when workers can still count on signing up with a company for life. In the warp-speed world of technology, five years is an eternity. So how is one supposed to map out one`s career when the business landscape is always changing?

Firstly, a plan is useless but planning is still essential. Instead of a five-year plan, try formulating a five-year vision. In that way, workers can chart a course they would like to follow. For example, today I am on the team; in two years, I…

There’s no such thing as self-cleaning door handles

They say sales is all about communication. And I do agree. Sales is all about a lot of things.

When you’re able to communicate the value that what you’re selling offers effectively, and the buyer agrees that this value outweighs the costs, then they’re going to buy from you. Pretty simple.

If you imagine some old fashioned scales. The value that you communicate is on one side and the cost is on the other, then for the client to decide to make that purchase is a bit of a no brainer.

Let’s look at this another way.

If Peter and…

Every person should write down his or her goals. Business goals, personal goals, income goals, and whatever you want to achieve in your life. If you want to achieve something in your life, don’t just think about it. Get a nice piece of paper and write down the goal.

Having a goal sitting in your head may not help that much. Every book says that you need to write down your goals. First thinking about the goal is a good way to start but again, you need to write it down as soon as you think about it.

What is…

Stop Cold Calling and Double Your Sales in 30 Days

Everyone knows what cold calling is, but how about warm calling? That's easy, warm calling involves contacting your former clients and people you have already identified as prospects.

These are the people you had made previous contact with and are listed in your database or on your “Rolodex”. If appropriate for your industry, I recommend spending one hour a day calling your database.

To gain the greatest benefit from your warm calling efforts, you should provide an exceptional level of customer service and give unexpected bonuses to your clients throughout…

Mario Lucas

I help businesses sell more products and time by sharing a clear and easy to implement 7 step process.

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